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Patologias – Estenose de Canal.

Canal Stenosis
The stenosis is a degenerative disease of the spine that consists in the narrowing of the space in the spinal canal. In the cervical and dorsal, the stenosis can cause spinal cord compression, associated or not with nerve root compression. In the lumbar spine can cause compression of one or more roots of the cauda equina. The stenosis may be congenital or acquired. The congenital form usually occurs earlier, already the acquired one may result from degenerative diseases, other diseases (such as Paget's disease) or spinal traumas. While for some people the Stenosis may be asymptomatic, for others it can generate up to inability to walk. The most common symptoms are back pain, pain on the buttocks and legs. Parestesiais numbness and weaknesses may also occur in the lower extremities.

The initial treatment of stenosis include: postural reeducation and use of analgesics and NSAIDs. The administration of corticosteroids can also be effective in improving symptoms. Surgical intervention is recommended when the pain cannot be controlled, affecting quality of life of patients.


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