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Spine Medical TV
Check out the most interesting videos about the backbone on the internet, which had the participations of our specialists.
Out in the Media
Follow our releases and everything is out there in the media about our group.

Get to know the most common spine diseases, syntoms and treatments.
 Medicina da Coluna.
Most back pain is caused by poor posture
The vast majority of complaints of back pain are related to bad posture, poor ergonomics at work and in day to day life.

Check out the new technique of Spine Surgery by the Skin
The physicians from our group brought this technique from abroad and are already using it in Brazil. Check out!

Herniated Disc
The Herniated Disc occurs when the gelatinous nucleus tissue breaks...

teste Take the Free Test of Spine and Neck today
Check out this interesting test we set up to you.

dicas Health Tips
Check different tips on prevention of aches and
spine problems.

escoliose Types of Treatment for Scoliosis
The scoliosis can be controlled with exercise, physiotherapy, vests and surgery (in severe cases).

artes_marciais Pain in Joints
Check out first hand news that came out with the participation of Grupo de Medicina da Coluna on JT.

cirurgia Spine Surgery:
It´s not a rocket science

There was a great advancement in spine surgery, minimizing surgical trauma and leading (...).

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