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Get to know the most common spine diseases, syntoms and treatments.
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 Medicina da Coluna - destaques.
novo_codigo Meet the New Code of Medical Ethics
Know your rights as a patient and find out the duties of doctors who moved to the New Code of Medical Ethics.

obesidade Obesity is one of the causes of back pain
There is no need to be in the category "obese" so that the column is affected.

Learn the types of Herniated Disc Surgery
What are the differences? That and much more on the methods of treatment of the Herniated Disc.

The spine consists of vertebrae, among them the intervertebral discs are located, that is designed to prevent friction between the vertebrae and cushion the impact of movements in the column.

Bad posture at the computer
Many hours at the computer can cause pain in different parts of the body. Learn how to improve your posture at the computer.

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