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Herniated Disc
The spine consists of vertebrae and between them the intervertebral discs are located, they are designed to prevent friction between the vertebrae and cushion the impact of movements in the spine.

The Herniated Disc occurs when the gelatinous nucleus disrupts the tissue of the fibrous ring, resulting in the displacement of the disc. This shift may be caused by degenerative disc disease, trauma, falls and severe postural alterations, and hereditary factors.
The cervical and lumbar regions are most affected by Herniated Disc. Symptoms are pain whose intensity varies from case to case, these pains can cause the appearance of other problems such as tingling, anesthesia of skin, loss of strength in arms or legs and also muscular weakness.

The treatment of Herniated Disc may vary according to the intensity of pain. Physiotherapy, acupuncture, hydrotherapy and anti-inflammatory methods are commonly used in treatment. In more severe cases we recommend surgical intervention.


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