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Enjoy the Holidays without Harming the Spine
In the Gospel Radio FM,
Dr. Alessandro Santoro
gives tips on how to enjoy the holidays without affecting the column.

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Fly healthy during the holidays
Lots of people are getting ready to board on a plane and enjoy the summer holidays. Here are some recommendations for flying without affecting your health.
Saiba Mais
Back pain may increase
during holidays

A lot of people go on vacation and end up forgetting some care with their own body and one of that is with their own spine.
Saiba Mais
Much back pain is caused
by poor posture

The vast majority of complaints of back pain are related to defects of posture, poor ergonomics at work and in day-to-day.

obesidade Students´Spine suffer
from Bad Posture

Check out a very interesting subject about the bad posture of students in schools and its consequences for the spine!
zero-hora 03/08/2010
Obesity can cause back pain
For each 10 pounds overweight, the risk that the pains appear is 20%.
zero-hora 22/07/2010
Martial arts can help reduce injuries from falls in patients
with osteoporosis

Do you have problems in the joints of the knees, ankles, fingers, elbows and shoulders? You may have Osteoarthrosis. Click here to learn more.



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