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Patologias – Degeneração Facetária.

Facet degeneration
The facet joints are formed by the meeting of articular facets, top and bottom of two successive vertebrae. These joints allow movement between two bones, therefore they have a material called articular cartilage that allows bones to articulate themselves with little or no friction. In some cases the facet joints undergo a process of degeneration, which makes the movements between the facets become painful. The facet degeneration may occur in the cervical and lumbar spine, where the incidence is higher. Patients suffer from pain in the lumbar region radiating to the buttocks and thighs.

The initial treatment of disease is done through a series of anti-inflammatory medications and exercises to relieve pain boosters. Another method used is the denervation of the facets, where nerve endings are destroyed so that the patient does not feel pain.


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