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Types of Treatment for Scoliosis
The scoliosis can be controlled through exercise, physical therapy and use of life jackets. In severe cases, surgery is recommended to patients.

Surgical intervention may include the removal of na intervertebral disc (discectomy) in combination with instrumentation and spinal fusion. This instrumentationn uses rods, tubes, wires and screws designed for medical use. In combination with the fusion, the instrumentation stabilizes the spinal segments and enhances fusion, providing a more permanent solution. This type of surgery can be performed safely in adults, usually with excellent results.

Another type of surgery to treat scoliosis is a posterior spinal fusion. In the procedure, recommended for children and adolescents, the surgical procedure is done in the back and placed titanium screws in all the vertebrae that present deformities, in addition to the placement of two rods to correct spinal curvature.


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