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Obesity can cause back pain

For each 10 pounds overweight, the risk that the pains appear is 20%.

Much of the population knows that obesity is a major cause of back pain, but what they don´t know is that you don´t have be in the category "obese" in order to have your spine affected. According to experts to each 10 pounds overweight, the risk that the pains appear is 20%.

With increasing weight the spine is burdened by pressing the discs, which can result in a hernia. According to the Ministry of Health, the number of obese people in Brazil increased from 11.4% to 13%.

According to Dr. Jefferson Galves, member of Grupo Medicina da Coluna, in most cases in which obese patients or a little overweight ones look for his office, there is no need for a surgery. Only with a medical monitoring through medication and also with physiotherapy and exercises sessions, it is possible to solve the problem.

"Since 80% of cases do not require surgery, the suggestion is that patients look for an orthopedist, so after some tests certain medicines are prescribed easing the pain and maybe later physiotherapy and specific physical exercises sessions are taken, such as Pilates, "added the doctor.

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