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Students´Spine suffer from Bad Posture
Lack of awareness of the students when sitting helps to worsen the problem

Actions taken during school years may reflect throughout their lives. With the health is not different, poor posture in students can lead to various spinal diseases.

According to the orthopedist Carlos Eduardo de Oliveira, from São Paulo, specialized in the spine, the way students are positioned in the chair is a major cause of poor posture. "Often, students use the chair like if it was a bed," he says.

As a result problems like the poor positioning of shoulders arise, the disharmony growth of members in relation to the trunk and deviations of the spine (hyperkyphosis and scoliosis).

"The biggest problem of the poor posture is the pain, but also it has the aesthetic factor. In adulthood the persistence of these disturbances of posture can lead to failure for some daily activities, "said Oliveira.

The chair is not the villain of posture he said, but the lack of awareness of the students themselves is. "The student should sit with his back against the backrest and the use of elbows when writing, " he explains. "When studying, you should do the same and avoid lying down or reclining the chair, "he adds.

The doctor points out that a sedentary lifestyle also harms the spine. "The physical activity improves skeletal muscle development. It promotes growth and prevents bad postural habits, " he says.

Swimming is an activity recommended by the doctor.

Do you or your child have postural problems?

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